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Tropical Trees for CO2 Sequestration

Dr. Gustavo Ortega with 20 month old Acacia mangium

Acacia mangium is an important plantation tropical tree species, because it grows rapidly (10 years to maturity). The tree fixes nitrogen in the soil, produces lumber suitable for numerous applications, or can serve as a source for pulp, biomass or fuel due to its high calorific value. Acacia mangium is also a land reclamation tree, because it will grow in very poor soils that have been contaminated or need to be revived. Thanks to its rapid growth it is also an important carbon sequestration tree. Its woody biomass contains more than 50% carbon, and in addition it deposits carbon in the soil. 250 Acacia mangium trees will make your car carbon neutral for 10 years. To read all about Acacia mangium please download our e-book entitled: "Amazonia Reforestation's Miracle Tree".

Davia Brown with 22 month old Eucalyptus pellita

Eucalyptus pellita has become a popular plantation tropical tree becuase of its rapid growth, ability to grow in poor soils and its slightly higher tolerance for wet soils, compared to Acacia mangium. While this tree does not fix nitrogen, it does absorb pollutants from reclamation areas, and is a great carbon sequestration tree. Eucalyptus pellita is valued for its lumber, pulp and biomass. The leaves contain Eucalyptus oil which has a variety of uses. Its wood has excellent potential for use as fuel due to its high calorific value. 250 Eucalyptus pellita trees will make your car carbon neutral for 10 years. This tree's woody biomass contains more than 50% carbon. To read all about Eucalyptus pellita please download our e-book entitled "Eucalyptus Pellita 2010".

Kochurani Dombro with just planted Neem tree

Azadirachta indica or Neem tree is a rapidly growing plantation tree with many side benefits. The tree is highly valued for is medicinal properties. Neem tree compounds can be found in many traditional and modern medicines and cosmetics. Neem tree oil provides an excellent organic insecticide and fungicide. Neem trees fix nitrogen in the soil and are tolerant of poor soils, making them useful in land reclamation projects. The wood has a wide variety of applications such as furniture and construction. Azadirachta indica is termite resistant. Thanks to its high calorific value it is an excellent fuel and charcoal tree. Due to its rapid growth Azadirachta indica is well suited for carbon sequestration. Fund 250 Neem trees to make your car carbon neutral for 10 years.

Cashew tree seedling

CO2 Tropical Trees plants a large variety of other tropical tree species. We have a dedicated program for the seed collection and propagation of native tree species, some of which are endangered due to past reckless logging. Planting native tree species is important for expanded wildlife habitat. For local socio-economic development we also plant numerous fruit trees, including the native Anacardium occidentale or Cashew tree. See the slide show above for more trees we plant.

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