Our Carbon Offset Programs


Programs to Offset Carbon

We are tropical tree planters working at neutralizing the CO2 emissions from the average North American car. Our business plants and maintains tropical trees in association with land owners and plantations dedicated to afforestation and reforestation in the Orinoco River basin of the Colombian departamento of Vichada. We use biology and established scientific facts to create real carbon offsets.

Offset your Car's Emissions

The tropical trees we are planting in the Orinoco River basin are chosen for various reasons, but all share one common feature - they grow rapidly and sequester lots of carbon. Our Program is based on planting sufficient tropical trees to neutralize the carbon dioxide ("CO2") emissions of the average automobile or car. On average our tropical trees sequester 50 lbs or 22.6 kg of carbon per year. The EPA states that the average car produces emissions of 12,100 lbs (5,488 kg) per year. By planting 250 tropical trees X 50 lbs each we are able to offset the CO2 emissions of your car for a 10 year period.

$399 USD allows us to plant 250 tropical hardwood trees from seed. At 4 months the seedlings leave the nursery and are planted in afforestation and reforestation areas, where they are protected and maintained for a 10 year period. This period is based on the fact that tropical trees are most effective at carbon sequestration during the first 10 years of their lives. As a result, newly planted tropical trees are one of the best ways of removing and sequestering CO2 to offset your car's emissions.

$50 USD allows us to plant 25 tropical trees, which we will maintain and protect for a 10 year period. This number of trees allows us to offset the emissions of your car for the current year over a 10 year period. To make your vehicle carbon neutral, please purchase either the 10 year or the 1 year CO2 Tropical Trees program. You will receive a bumper sticker letting your neighbors and friends know that you are taking action.

Business Programs for Fleets and Factories

We are able to offer tailor-made solutions for business, institutions and government. Purchasing the tree planting and 10 year care of tropical trees based on emission calculations for the types of vehicles in a fleet will allow an organization to promote its green credentials to the public in a realistic and effective manner. While companies can reduce fuel consumption, reduce the number of trips made, and take other environmentally friendly action, nothing speaks more forcefully for a business than stating to their customers and the public that all of their fleet vehicles are carbon neutral!

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of environmental issues. They are increasingly basing their spending decisions on the corporate or organizational conduct of suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, vendors, institutions and even government departments. Business, for its part, needs to respond to the demands of this changing market place by showing its green credentials. There are few things that catch the public imagination as readily as does the planting of tropical trees in order to neutralize the carbon emissions of one's vehicle or plane fleet, or the emissions of one's factory or business premises.

We can customize a tree planting program suitable to your business needs. Working together lets us design a multi-year program that takes cash flow, advertising and other realities into consideration. The most important thing is to get started. If your business has special carbon certification requirements, we are prepared to work with you to obtain that particular certification. Download our carbon brochure for business.