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Our location in Colombia

CO2 Tropical Trees is located some 58 km by gravel road west southwest of the Orinoco River port city of Puerto Carreño, which is also the capital of the departamento (state) of Vichada, in Colombia. Our plantations are in the heart of what is known as the Orinoco River basin, which together with the Amazon River basin form the green lungs of our planet. Colombia has overcome its past thanks to the efforts of the previous and current administrations, and Vichada is a peaceful area with increasing tourism and development. Puerto Carreño can be reached by air using the domestic Satena airline. Road access is difficult, as it is limited to the dry season, and becomes impassable during the rainy season. There is access by river barge down the Meta River.

Spot-Image Satellite of La Pedregoza

The location of our carbon sequestration, afforestation and reforestation efforts can be seen from space. The French Spot-Image agency, through its Planet Action organization, donated satellite photos of our Reserva Natural La Pedregoza to us, which also shows the nearby cultivations. The satellite took the pictures in infrared, which is the only way vegetation will show up from space. We would like to once again extend our thanks for this wonderful gift, which allows us to plan for the future of the natural reserve.

Eco-tourists visiting La Pedregoza plantations

La Pedregoza is our tree farm. We operate three plantations in the area, with La Pedregoza being the area where we have done most of our planting to date. As of August 2011 there are well over 500 hectares planted at La Pedregoza, the majority of them with Acacia mangium, Eucalyptus pellita and Pinus caribaea. The entire area covers 3,100 hectares (7,657 acres).

El Encierro is our second site, adjacent to La Pedregoza. To date we have been planting primarily cashew trees at El Encierro, totalling some 50 hectares as of September 2011. While we continue with fencing to protect the areas already cultivated we have been using El Encierro for a site to capture stray cattle, until their owners can claim them. Cattle control won't be necessary once fencing is complete.

Laura Zedde hugs a Saladillo tree

Reserva Natural La Pedregoza is our 1,000 hectare (2,470 acres) area set aside for the conservation and preservation of local Orinco River basin flora and fauna. It is adjacent and to the North of La Pedregoza and El Encierro. The Reserva Natural La Pedregoza is heavily treed with several old growth forests and morichals (heavily treed savannah drainage creeks), and lies along the banks of the Rio el Bita, which flows into the mighty Orinoco River. It also contains an area traditionnaly called Maldonado, which features a lake and large stone formations. We plant endangered native tree species inside the natural reserve.

We welcome visitors to the plantation. For less than $2,000 USD we offer a one week adventure and eco-tourism experience at the tree farm and the natural reserve, as well as in Puerto Carreño, that is like no other. Please contact us to find out more about our eco-tourism opportunity, or to drop in for a quick visit, or to plan a large scale carbon offset campaign for your business, or simply to hug your carbon trees. If you are a student seeking to do an internship in forestry, the environment or botany, we do have qualified people do their practicums with us.

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