Make your car carbon neutral!


  • La Pedregoza

    CO2 Tropical Trees plants in the Orinoco River basin, where fast-growing tropical trees can sequester carbon at a rapid rate.... more  >>

  • Atmospheric CO2 data

    Mauna Loa Hawaii

    These independent carbon readings speak for themselves.... more  >>

  • Morichal at Pedregoza

    Reserva Natural

    This conservation area covers 10 square kilometers in the Orinoco River basin and is called Reserva Natural La Pedregoza, where CO2 Tropical Trees plants native trees... more  >>

  • Baby Cashew Tree

    El Encierro

    This plantation area is very rocky, but ideal for tropical trees. CO2 Tropical Trees is presently planting cashew trees there, a native tree that does well in those conditions... more  >>

  • Tropical Tree Nursery

    Tree Nursery

    CO2 Tropical Trees operates two tree nurseries, one for fast growing plantation trees and one for native tree species. Both types of trees are good for sequestering carbon... more  >>

  • Carbon Tree Plantation

    Carbon Trees

    As of 2014 the trees we planted are sequestering 24,600 metric tons of carbon a year from the atmosphere. The more trees we plant, the bigger and better the results... more   >>