The People behind the Trees


About the Planeta Verde Team

The company is engaged in afforestation and reforestation efforts in Colombia. Our head office is in Bogotá but our cultivations are near Puerto Carreño, Vichada, Colombia. The management team includes a group of highly qualified professionals:

Dexter Dombro

Dexter Dombro, B.A., LL.B., Legal Representative and Planter. Dexter practised law in Alberta, but had an epiphany one day and decided to do something useful with his life. He has found his niche planting tropical trees for carbon sequestration and expanded wildlife habitat in the Orinoco River basin of Vichada, Colombia. Dexter lives in Puerto Carreño, Colombia.

Thomas Antony

Thomas Antony, B.Sc., LL.B., Natural Silviculture Advisor. Thomas brings many years of natural farming experience to the plantation. He is an expert on alternative planting and fertilization methods, using local resources. Despite his legal background, Thomas is also interested in medicinal ayurvedic plants and an enthusiatic supported of our Sacred Seeds Botanical Garden.

Dilmun Dombro

Dilmun Dombro, B.Sc., COO and Operations Director. Dilmun Dombro has been hooked on environmental issues since he was very young, diving with hammerhead sharks and marine turtles in the Galapagos Islands. Besides everyday operations, Dilmun is also part of the next generation to give our management team continuity.

Juan Restrepo

Juan F. Restrepo, M.Sc., Vice-Legal Representative. Juan has been the foundation rock that helped us establish our afforestation, reforestation and carbon sequestration efforts in the Colombian Orinoquia. Operating out of Medellín, Colombia, he is commited to helping us preserve Colombia's incredible bio-diversity.

Oscar Azabache

Oscar Forero Azabache, Zoo.Tech., Plantation Manager. Oscar is our dedicated plantation manager, who makes sure that everything runs smoothly throughout the year. Oscar is very proud of the nature to be found in the Orinoco River basin, and is very excited about our efforts to plant native trees species, many of which are endangered.

Luisa Azabache

Luisa Fernanda Azabache Medina, Ing.Forestal., Forestry Engineer. Luisa is the person who makes sure that everything involving seed purchases, tropical tree nursery, soil preparation, tree planting, pruning and forest supervision runs like clock work. She has been instrumental in developing methodologies for germinating and planting native trees species.